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Dear Customer, We are global leading manufacturer and exporter of following products :

Women's various Fashion Shoes / Clothing / Handbags / Cosmetics .etc.

Men's various Fashion Shoes and Clothing / Garments / Wallet .etc.
Digital Product / Industrial Machinery Products

Artificial Intelligent Products : Such as the Smart Robot

Kids Shoes / Clothing / Toys / 
Baby Diapers / etc.  

All of our products are really fashionable designs, high quality and good services !

We are now looking for any foreign importers / distributors as trade partners. 

Welcome to contact us and work together with us !  You will definitely benefit a lot !

Bruce    General Manager

E-mail:   wanhaotrading@yahoo.com             Phone:+86  29   88740350

Whatsapp : +86  15829774150                       Skype :  wanhao2016

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